Help! How do I get in touch with Mr. Obama?


I just got word that Mr. Obama is looking for a dog!  I really want to help him & his family. 

They need a hypo-allergenic dog.  My breed, Boston Terrier, with very short hair, is perfect for them.  Plus my coloring symbolizes the harmonic coexistence of black & white.

I’d like to know where I can send my suggestions and pictures – c’mon they won’t be able to say no to this face!!


3 responses to “Help! How do I get in touch with Mr. Obama?

  1. Oh come on now, this is too cute ! The pics are adorable.

    But seriously, I hope they adopt.

  2. Lucy, I hope you can help them. That would be amazing, a Boston in the White House!! Maybe you could get us all in to visit one day, we all know that you have the influence where it matters 🙂

  3. … and look at how far away i am trying to reach to get a hold of the guy!!!
    i hope you get yours and all… but i am trying to answer Mr. President’s question for the water crisis, but any email address i try to email, just returns me with daily newsletters about random things that I have no experience to help with!
    I have a solution for WATER!!!

    BONUS: this new method will open MORE JOBS because these suppliers will have to hire more people to make more of these parts!

    (water also supplies us with food)

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